18 Things Entrepreneurship Taught Me About Love And Life

Diksha Singhi, Co-Founder, The Creative Key
Diksha Singhi
  1. It teaches you the hard truth about commitment

If you are not there to stay until the end, don’t stay at all. Entrepreneurship and Relationship both require cent percent commitment and if you aren’t ready to give it your all, step back, it might actually end up hurting your partner.

2. That it is important to know your partner

He/she is somebody who has immense trust in you and it only makes sense that you know him well. Understand his fears, understand what is he looking for, and tell him about yours. Together you will be able to make it work.

3. You learn to succeed in a masculine world, and you eventually break that world.

You understand that gender is just another word and that it has nothing to do with your identity. You could be strong, ferocious, bold, pretty and a bad ass woman all at the same time.

4. You don’t need a perfect partner, you just need the right one.

Chances are you have already heard this line a couple of times, and it makes all the more sense when you are in a relationship or in the startup community.

5. You are allowed to be vulnerable but do not show it to the world.

There will be plenty of times when you will be scared to death, your insecurities at its peak, you may be devastated, but keep it to yourself. Don’t show it to the world. There are people waiting out there to take advantage of your vulnerability.

6. Don’t love with half love

Nothing called half love should exist in your dictionary of entrepreneurship or relationship. You either love it all or you don’t.

7. People who matter will understand.

Not everyone will be happy about your decision. ‘Kya tum is zindagi mai khush reh paogi?’, a question that you may have to face off a couple of times but stand by it, and people who really matter, will understand, including your parents.

8. Sacrificing yourself will never work out

Which doesn’t mean you wouldn’t have to make compromises, it only means you shouldn’t be the only one making compromises.

9. And if you do not, you are responsible for all the consequences.

You and only you will be responsible for the position you are in.

11. Be a good listener

It is important to listen, to your partner, employees, clients, customers and even to your interns.

12. You have to leave some important people behind, it may be rough but you have to.

If you are not happy, you will need to leave some important people behind. It can be tough, it can be really really hard, but if that person doesn’t justify his position in your life, it only makes sense that you move further without him/her.

13. And give other people a chance to make it to your life.

And there may be somebody waiting to make a difference, either in your life or in your start-up.

14. “Some love stories aren’t epic novels. Some are short stories but that doesn’t make them any less filled with love.”

There may be start ups who have a 4 storey office space and your start up may be based out of a drawing room (just like mine), but that doesn’t make it any less great.

15. It’s the little things in life that makes you happy

Yes, something like throwing a good party may thrill your team, but simple things like appreciation will make them feel good about themselves.

16. Do not judge a fish by its ability to fly.

Judge me as a writer, you might as well give me a 7/10. Judge me as an accountant, chances are you will end up marking me in negative.

17. Its important to let it go

When its between two people, it only makes sense that one of them lets it go. You could take your turns in letting go, though.

18. Keep the faith, work harder each day and it will work out.

Lastly, have faith. Trust yourself and work towards it, and it will work out.

About Diksha Singhi

Diksha Singhi is the co-founder of ‘The Creative Key.’ Diksha is 21 and is intrigued by intelligence and inspired by challenges. You can call her a delectable mix of old school charm and new age liberalism. If not found working, she is most likely to be gazing at the stars or traveling around with her backpack.

This article was first published on her blog.

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