About Us

We are here to share with you the most extraordinary stories of inspiring women. Women who decided to defy all clichés and bury the gender based biases to chase after their dreams and stand out from the crowd. HerSaga is a platform for them to be heard and to inspire the future women leaders.

It is a first of its kind global start-up which aims to scout for the most inspiring stories from around the world of upcoming women entrepreneurs, leaders and achievers. Let’s talk about things that matter and help women all around the world to discover their potential and be inspired.

HerSaga provides you a platform to share your story and also to nurture your dreams by finding the right resources and assistance along the way. Here you can explore a wide range of opportunities globally and make the best use of your abilities to move a step further towards your destination.  Join us and connect with women change-makers all around the globe and let us help you bring out the leader in you.

This is the beginning of a remarkable journey. It is a place where you can find inspiration and also the path to lead yourself to attain what you thought to be impossible. Read about the journeys from ordinary to extraordinary. And who knows, the story you are reading today might be yours tomorrow!