How Small-Town Girl Poonam Gupta Is Helping Women Through Her Startup, WeeSure

Poonam Gupta

Poonam Gupta is the founder of WeeSure, a modern pregnancy device that replaces the traditional way to test pregnancy. It is designed to test pregnancy in 15 seconds without storing or collecting urine in a dropper or a cup.

Born in Dhanbad, popularly known as the ‘Coal Capital Of India’, Poonam grew up in a business family. At a very young age, she started using the computer as it was part of her school curriculum and she got fascinated by it. She went on to pursue her Btech from a private engineering college in Odisha.

“When I was in my 3rd year of engineering, I started a robotics club in my college that had around 300 students where we taught them about robotics and new emerging technology trends. I didn’t sit for the placements and started working with startups to feel the heat and know the ground realities. It was a life-changing decision for me. It helped me to identify my skills and thus, to refine them; I decided to pursue MBA in Operations and Research. I then joined HCL as an IT consultant as I had to support my family. While working, every day I thought of what I was doing here and then one day I decided to quit my job and that’s how the startup journey began,” says Poonam.

“While I was figuring out ideas for my startup, I didn’t know that someone else is going to come in my life soon and bless me with joy and an idea to start a new venture in women hygiene. I was an expecting mother.”

“I took the pregnancy test at home and as a part of the process, I had to use a dropper and a cup to store the urine and test the result. I found it a tedious and an unhygienic process. I was curious and therefore decided to research and explore ways in which we can make these tests simpler. After an extensive research and conversations with a few expecting mothers, I decided to launch WeeSure to make pregnancy tests simple, hygienic and easy to use.”

WeeSure is a device that has a funnel which peed into, indicates the pregnancy status in 15 seconds. It does not require any dropper or cup to store urine and test the pregnancy. The entire process is hygienic, and the user does not come in contact with urine and need not to sit on the toilet.


Poonam says,

“Being a mother is already a challenge in itself. I had a one-year-old baby to take care of while I was starting up. A woman has a lot of responsibilities in her life and has to accomplish different roles to meet the expectations of the family. It is really important to have the right work-life balance.

Poonam Gupta

Poonam is hard-working, diligent and passionate of creating an impact and her vision is to make WeeSure a household name. She wants to help millions of expecting mothers check their pregnancy with ease, speed, and hygiene.

Sharing her life-lesson, she says, “Hard work always pays off well.”





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