We Must Empower Girls To Be Go-Getters: Shinjini Das

Shinjini Das

When Shinjini Das was studying engineering at Georgia Institute of Technology, a lot of people would call her a go-getter, but she thought – there was nothing special about it, as everyone surrounding her, was in fact a go-getter.

“But, as I started thinking, I realized that an ambitious girl, or a go-getter girl, is quite different. She lives with self-confidence, self-respect, and a chutzpah to write one of the greatest stories ever written. Ever since 2014, I have been exploring her identity via my story,” says Shinjini Das, The Go-Getter Girl and 25-year-old Founder and CEO of The Das Media Group, a digital creative agency based in San Francisco.

Shinjini was born in India, grew up in Malaysia, and moved to America at the age of nine. She joined Deloitte after graduation from Georgia Tech as a Business Technology Analyst and then worked as a digital strategist before starting her own venture.

She is an entrepreneur, a television personality fluent in Spanish and had been interviewed on ABC, FOX, NBC, etc. She is also working with Usher’s New Look Foundation and the United Nations to make sure that all girls get an education. Das was invited to join the U.S. Department of State’s U.S. Speaker Program as a keynote speaker with a focus on entrepreneurship, women’s empowerment, digital branding, youth empowerment, and business building to empower audiences internationally with her insights.

On Embracing Entrepreneurship

Shinjini says, “I have always had to create opportunities for myself because what I wanted was never presented to me. Ever. So, I found myself naturally gravitating towards building my own business when the media attention reached whirlwind levels in 2016. I thought about my unique value proposition, and it was and still is that I am a content creator who builds meaningful content to connect with people all around the world, whether in technology, business, diversity, social strategy, or women’s empowerment.”

Looking towards the future, I am building my own empowering media platform to bring meaningful and thought provoking content with an entertainment edge to millions and hopefully, billions to excite them about life.”

Shinjini Das


“The number one challenge I faced was substantiating a massively abstract vision into actual chunks that could be executed upon swiftly and within deadlines. Reality was and still is that my vision is deeply expansive, and as a result, not one most can easily comprehend, so are there mentors to guide me? Absolutely, but I must first be very clear about what I am seeking advice on, then approach mentors with questions,” says Shinjini.

On Failures

My greatest failure so far? Wow, what a deep question. I believe that my greatest failure so far has been naivete in navigating corporate relationships in my short but very meaningful stint in the corporate business world. However, I have learned a great deal from the experiences about how to tactfully and knowledgeably manage relationships in business and in life with a great deal of class, maturity, compassion, and true strength.

Empowering Girls

The first advice is to train girls from a young age to be extraordinarily confident in their abilities, with a keen focus on brains, intellect, intelligence, and substance first before style. In addition, we must empower girls to be go-getters in school, work, and in life from very young ages, meaning to make the first moves when they feel like they deserve opportunities; I am also passionate about empowering girls from a young age to be skilled in handling financial resources, since wealth investments are critical.

When asked about her biggest achievement, she says, “My biggest achievement till now has been converting something seemingly simple like one of my first official articles, ‘5 Secrets of a Go-Getter Girl’ into my long-term career. I think the vision, foresight, maturity, convictions, and self-belief required to transition from an article to a career is an accomplishment that makes me very proud. Moreover, I am also ecstatic about leveraging all of me, media, technology, business in my career today. “

Life lesson

Focus on your aspirations and understand the intersection of your passion, purpose, and potential, because if you are engaged in something long-term that does not fulfill you, you will not be engaged enough to remain in that career or opportunity. As a result, focus on living in your highest energy, your most opportune potential, and let the world come to you. You are a go-getter and ultimately a very self-aware as well as powerful individual who will soar!




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