Her Labrador Inspired Rashi Narang To Start Heads Up For Tails: An Online Store for Pawsh Doggie Couture

“A globally loved International brand providing the very best for pets”, were the exact words that poured out from her lips when we asked Rashi Sanon Narang about the future of Heads Up for Tails, her home grown business that intensively works on creating a range of cool and wacky merchandise for pet grooming and nurturing.

Rashi Sanon Narang: Founder of Heads Up For Tails

The huge range of products extend from Doggie Beds and Mats, Personalized Collars and Leashes, Clothing that includes sherwanis and tuxedos for dogs, Accessories, Shampoos,  Bowls, Toys, Treats and a line of products for Pet Lovers! Also, best graphic and product designs for your pets are available on the store to balance utility and ideas.

Having done her schooling from Delhi, Rashi went to the UK for Graduation and Post Graduation (London School of Economics). She didn’t quite enjoy her role in the banking sector and was inspired to launch a business of her own. She always wanted to open a shelter for dogs or do something that could highlight her love for animals, and she finally took a firm decision and gathered a team of 10 dog lovers who passionately strive to create an international brand!

The concept of this out-of-the-ordinary business evoked when a new member was added to Rashi’s family.  With a twinkle in her eye, she talks about this new addition, “In 2007 a fur ball of naughtiness and love came into my life- Sara, a beautiful Labrador. I had just moved back to India from New York.”

Rashi was disappointed with the quality of products which were available for pets in the Indian market. She typically had to go for a hunt for dog and that’s how the idea of coming up with her own line of exclusive products came into being and thus, Heads Up For Tails was born which is more of a celebration of those amazing animals who give so much but never expect anything in return.

Heads Up For Tails Product

Like other start ups, the resources were limited and so Rashi had to rely on her savings, but her focus and indefatigability lead her to absolute success .  “I had no previous exposure in retail or e-commerce, and whatever I know now has been learnt along the way.  It’s thus been a very steep learning curve. Heads Up For Tails has grown slowly (but surely) from a home grown enterprise to a National level brand!  My advice is to take one step at a time!”

Peaking into her personal life, Rashi mostly resides in Singapore with her husband and daughter, Samara along with Sara, her beloved dog. She believes she has two kids, the other one being HUFT! She adds further, “Being a mom to a baby is a 24 by 7 role. Managing a start up is a 24 by 7 role too! So put those two together and guess what you get: crazy, hectic, chaotic days! I love each though- one brings me tremendous joy, and the other stimulates my creativity and keeps me aiming for the sky! “

If there’s one advice she can give to the females from all across the world, Rashi Narang, excitedly expresses, Don’t give up no matter how hard it may seem! Most people think I’m totally crazy to hold on to a venture which needs so much attention while living away. But I am so passionate about what I do, that to give it up is not an option. My advice is Follow your dream! Take one small step at a time, and keep going. You may face a zillion challenges, you may fall and fail, but just get up and try and you’ll reach tiny milestones and big milestones. Celebrate each of those, and just keep going! “





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