Watch: Muniba Mazari Shares Her Powerful Story of Resilience And Not Giving Up

Muniba Mazari

A woman is not just a wife or a mother; she is much more. She is not bound to stay inside the four walls of a house. She has realized her power to fly even without the wings.

Often referred as the Iron Lady of Pakistan, Muniba Mazari is not just a woman of few traits but many. A painter, a singer, a model, an activist, a motivational speaker, a TV host along being a loving mother; Muniba has conquered all that came in her way despite the dreadful accident that left her paraplegic in 2007. Even after being on the wheelchair since 9 years, the lady has been an inspiration to many.  

In her latest video, she has not talked about what happened and how. She hasn’t explained how tough it was. Instead, she has conveyed what she took from it and blended it in her way to achieve and be, what she is today. An accident that frightful didn’t stop her rather she took all her fears one by one and faced them. Be it filing for the divorce or adopting a child at an age when majority of girls were busy enjoying the cup of youth, Muniba has made some revolutionary decisions in her life.  

Today, she stands stronger, more determined and impactful than she could ever be inspite of all the adversities she had in her life. She couldn’t find a hero in her life, so she became one. This video will inspire you and teach you lessons for life. It shouldn’t matter what you are, where you are and how you are – it is important to realize when life gives you lemon what you make out of it.

Muniba was named as one of BBC’s 100 Most Inspirational Women in 2015 and also featured in Forbes 30 under 30 2016. She is the National Ambassador for UN Women Pakistan and her struggle to be what she is today, has been beautifully told by her in this video. She was 18 and married with no goals and success. But today, she is 30 and not just is she an accomplished painter but much more.

This video isn’t a regular watch. It is a journey of finding Muniba by Muniba.  




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