India’s First Industrial Park For Women Entrepreneurs To Come Up In Uttarakhand

Harish Rawat announced the launch of India’s first industrial park  for women entrepreneurs India’s first industrial park, exclusively for women entrepreneurs was announced and launched on 15 July by Harish Rawat, Chief Minister, Uttarakhand.

The session titled ‘Uttarakhand: The Next Investment Destination for Women’ was organised by FICCI Ladies Organisation (FLO) at Federation House. The park will be spread over 200 acres in Uttarakhand’s Sitarganj and is expected to attract women entrepreneurs and help them initiate start-ups in the state. Rawat promised governmental aid to women-led start-ups along with a single-window umbrella organisation for the benefit of units promoted by Self Help Groups and large units. A specific percentage of jobs shall also be reserved for women in the units located in the industrial park.

FLO President Vinita Bimbhet in her remarks said, “To accelerate women’s participation in the process of economic development, the first step is to develop and promote entrepreneurship among women and for this concerted effort is required from the industry, government and the society. And the second and the most important step is for the women themselves to discover their talent and unleash the entrepreneur within. FLO plays a crucial tool in sensitizing and educating the women, empowering them and bringing them to the forefront”.





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